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2:36 PM
February 16th, 2013
20 People Held in Secret CIA Prisons Still Missing

Despite 2009 order to close ‘black sites,’ many unaccounted for. In 2009 President Obama ordered the CIA’s “black site” prisons closed. That same year, ProPublica reported that more than 30 people who had been held in them were unaccounted for. In a look at what’s happened since, ProPublica reports that at least 20 prisoners remain missing. A 216-page report from the Open Society Foundation last week asserted that several of those who have “resurfaced” were transferred to prisons in Libya, Syria, and Egypt and ultimately gained their freedom in the Arab Spring uprisings; one was found to have died in a Libyan jail in 2009. The report contains the longest list yet of those detained or transferred by the CIA: some 136 people. And remember, it could happen to you!

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