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5:23 PM
January 12th, 2013
US Ramps Up Pakistan Drone Strikes

Good to see President Obama living up to his Nobel “Peace” Prize that he ‘earned’ some years back. Five “suspected” militants died in a U.S. drone strike in the country’s northwest on Thursday. The drone strike was the seventh in two weeks, one of the most intense series of attacks in the past two years. During that period, political tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan led to a reduced number of strikes compared to 2010, when they were at their highest. The U.S. views drone attacks as a key weapon against Taliban and al-Qaida militants out of its forces’ reach in Pakistan’s tribal region. But the attacks are extremely unpopular in Pakistan, posing a problem for the Pakistani government, which has played a double game in the past of denouncing the strikes in public while supporting some of them in private.

During the cold war everyone and everything the US wanted to kill or overthrow was a communist or a communist sympathizer. And their criminal actions were “justified” because of those labels. Since the “war on terror” began everything and everyone is either al-Queda or al-Qaeda-linked militants. Do people really buy this shit? Yes, but of course. “The attacks are extremely unpopular in Pakistan,” no shit Sherlock, I don’t think any government raining down bombs on people would be popular with those same people! 

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